Automatically answer customer questions with an AI Chatbot

Automatically answer customer questions and engage with website visitors to sell more and reduce support tickets.

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We configure it for you so you can get the benefits before paying a dime.

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Customer success is our success

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Tired of manually answering all your customers' questions?

Only manual responses

  • Waste hours daily to answer the same questions
  • Difficulty to answer promptly
  • Sometimes we forget to respond to customers
  • Difficulty managing all conversations
  • Hire and train a dedicated person + Risposte umane

  • Automatically answer customer questions
  • Instantly respond with AI
  • Respond manually only when needed
  • AI automatically manage all conversations
  • Reduce the number of people you need to hire

Get more free time

Do you receive an endless stream of customer questions?

Let help you!

Our AI chatbot can be trained with you company informations so that it becomes an expert and can answer customer questions automatically.

So you have to respond only when necessary.

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Instant answers=More sales

Eliminate purchase objections with instant responses

Artificial intelligence responds immediately and autonomously to customers' questions, thus obtaining an answer to their pre-purchase doubts. screenshot

Responses aimed at increasing sales

Trained to respond to questions in an engaging and compelling way. screenshot

Your tireless helper

The AI chatbot automatically responds to your customers' questions, while you focus on your work.

Instant responses

Unlike back-and-forth emails, the artificial intelligence responds instantly to customer questions.

24/7 availability

The AI is active 24/7 and it's always ready to serve your customers in total autonomy.

Human-Like conversations

Say goodbye to canned responses. engages in human-like conversations, making your customers feel heard and valued.

Optional human support

The customer can always request human support via whatsapp, email, phone or a dedicated support page.

Artificial intelligence + human touch

You will maintain human contact with your customer because:

The customer will always know that they are talking to an artificial intelligence.

The customer can request human operator support at any time.

The AI chatbot is an additional communication tool, not the cancellation of human contact.

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A dashboard to monitor your chatbot

Read conversations and analyze your customers' behavior in a simple to use dashboard.


Your chatbot, your brand

Customize the appearance

100% customizable. Upload your logo, choose the colors and customize it to make it yours.

Train the AI with your data

Customize the AI behavior. Upload your company data via website, links, documents, FAQs and texts.

Connect it to your systems

It can be integrated into your e-commerce, your management system or personalized services.

Multilingual by default

The AI supports by default 85+ different languages.

Can be installed on every website or ecommerce


Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that we should first show the benefits brought by the product and then let the customer decide whether and how much to pay for it.

You can choose between GPT 3.5 or GPT 4. We'll be implement the integrations for additional AI models in the future.

Yes, responds in the same language as the request made to you. Supports 85 languages.

Yes, it is possible to share the chatbot via a link. You can share it on WhatsApp, on social media and wherever the customer can receive and open a link.

You can insert information from websites, single pages, documents (Word and PDF) or free text.

Yes, we can build a version with customized features such as real-time data reading, appointment booking and interaction with management systems

What you can get

  1. Get the AI chatbot for free. Configured by us so you won't have to do any effort.
  2. We will support you for 30 days so that you achieve concrete results.
  3. Once the 30 days are over, you can decide whether to continue by starting the subscription or whether to keep the free version.

The risk is all ours. Just get started.

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